(25-28 September 2019) The Study of Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Theology: Evolving Methodologies – International Conference

For the first time ever, the international Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality (SSCS) and the Forum of Professors of Spiritual Theology in Italy (FPTSI) will come togetther for an international conference to explore developments regarding methodology in their respective fields and the convergences and divergences between the related but distinct fields. This conference is the third international conference of SSCS outside North America. The previous two were in Johannesburg and Zurich and the 3 conferences express the increasing efforts of SSCS to extend beyond its origins in North America.

SpIRE is involved in the planning and organising of this international conference. The Director (https://spiritualityinstitute.ie/about-us/) was involved in the preliminary discussions about such a conference, and the Chair (https://spiritualityinstitute.ie/about-us/) is a member of the organising committee. Both of them will also be presenters at the conference, and a member of the SpIRE advisory board will also be a presenter.

The presenters represent 24 different Academic Institutions and are from
Australia (4); Austria (2); Brazil (1) Canada (1); Germany (1); Hong Kong (1); Hungary (1); Ireland (3); Italy (3); Latvia (2); Nederland (1); Poland (1); South Africa (1); Spain (1); the UK (1) and the USA (7)

Dates: 25-28 September 2019.

Location: OFM Pontifical University Antonianum, Rome

Conference Website: http://spiritualitas-2019.weebly.com/  You will find info about speakers, papers, booking, etc.

Questions: dianvilsa@gmail.com; bflanagan@spiritualityinstitute.ie