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SpIRE’s spirituality outreach is distinguished by the access it provides to a leading specialist library collection of, currently, more than 5,000 books and associated journals for the study of contemporary and applied spiritualities (1 September 2019). This collection has been carefully built over the past 30 years primarily through the funding of the Irish Jesuits; books were also contributed to the collection by the Irish Vincentians after the MA in Applied Spirituality ceased when All Hallows College closed.

Library Resource Coordinator: Kathleen Lyng, CHF (spirelibrary@gmail.com)
Library Board
Dr Michael O’Sullivan, SJ (Chair)
Dr Bernadette Flanagan, PBVM
Dr Noelia Molina
For further information contact mosullivan@spiritualityinstitute.ie


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More About the SpIRE Library

Jesuit LibraryThe SpIRE Library has the privilege of accompanying readers into new ways of thinking, feeling, imagining and evaluating, enabling them to relate and respond to the world differently, and to know their unique contribution in it more clearly. The library resources enable them to engage defining issues of our day in society and the professions through the lens of spirituality. It enables them to explore lived realities that have shaped the way people make meaning in their lives and to discover more about what it is to be the distinct human person they are and yet can be.

The library collection includes resources on spirituality and childhood, spirituality and leadership, spirituality and ecology, spiritual direction, spirituality and counselling, spirituality and social concern, spirituality and gender, spirituality and education, spirituality and healthcare, spirituality and mysticism, spirituality and cinema, spirituality and pilgrimage, and spirituality and research. It also includes the leading series, World Spirituality Series, Classics of Western Spirituality, Modern Spiritual Masters, Practices of Faith, Studies in Spirituality, Traditions of Christian Spirituality, and The Way of the Christian Mystics.