About SpIRE

The main object for which SpIRE was established is the promotion of spirituality by providing research, education, and community services for the public benefit.
The Spirituality Institute for Research and Education (SpIRE) was established in 2015 to serve the spiritual seeking of people; it emphasises the value of the academic study of spirituality in higher education, and the phenomenon of ‘spirituality and’.
‘Spirituality and’ refers to the relationship between spirituality and the manifold areas of lived experience. These areas include healthcare, management, leadership, disability, social concern, ecology, aging, and social media, etc. The interface between spirituality and such areas, and spirtuality and the professions, are all signs of a new spiritual consciousness across the globe.
This global spiritual awakening is moving people to seek spiritual resources for issues about the meaning of life. The issues arise in a range of settings such as work, family, relationships, life-transitions, and concerns regarding human, societal, and planetary wellbeing.
In order to serve the journey of life in its spiritual dimension and connection, SpIRE aims to develop contemplative and critically informed spirituality guides, reflective practitioners, spirituality theoreticians, and skilled researchers. It will give effect to its aims through education, research, training, consultancy, publishing, and networking. The networking will involve collaboration with similar initiatives and entities in Ireland and beyond.

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SpIRE Library Launch

Following his inaugural lecture on ‘Journeying with Psyche and Soul in Spirituality’, Dr Larry Culliford (UK Author, a co-founder of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’

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