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The Turn to Spirituality

Michael giving a public lecture on The Turn to Spirituality
All Hallows College, Dublin, October 2010

MA in Applied Spirituality (2012)

Michael O’Sullivan SJ was the Director of a DCU Masters programme in Applied Spirituality at All Hallows College, Dublin. He talks to Pat Coyle of the Jesuit Communication Centre about the students and the topics they’ve chosen, in this relatively new and popular discipline.


What Spiritual Capital means (2013)


Reflections on Pope Francis (2013)

Michael worked in El Salvador and Pinochet’s Chile. He talks about the moral dilemmas he faced, the importance of liberation theology and his friendship with Sr Pat Farrell, former head of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LWCR). And all in the context of the papacy of Pope Francis.


How Roman Catholic Theology Can Transform Male Violence against Women (2011)

Michael O’Sullivan SJ’s book ‘How Roman Catholic Theology Can Transform Male Violence against Women’ is a theological analysis of male violence against women ‘which brings a new and unique perspective to bear on the discussion about the sexist substrata of the Christian tradition. It treads where few male theologians have previously gone.’ (Professor Linda Hogan, TCD)


On Pope Francis (2014)

Interview with Jesuit Communications Centre about Michael’s paper ‘On Pope Francis’ at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland on 16 April 2014

On Arturo Sosa, the new world leader of the Jesuits (Oct 2016)


The Bible and gender violence

The science of spirituality


https://soundcloud.com/jesuits-in-ireland/the-science-of-spirituality (Durham University, 15 Feb 2018)


https://www.jesuit.ie/news/featured-news/spirituality-and-the-professions/ (May 2019)

Spirituality and the professions

The first ever international conference on ‘Spirituality in Society and the Professions‘ will take place in the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), May 16-18, 2019 in Waterford, Ireland. The conference has attracted speakers from various parts of the USA, Asia, Australia, mainland Europe, UK, and Ireland. The conference is a collaboration between WIT and the Spirituality Institute for Research and Education (SpIRE), headed up by Dr Michael O’Sullivan SJ and Dr Bernadette Flanagan, along with the European Institute for Spirituality in Economics and Society (SPES).

In this interview with Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications, Michael and Bernadette outline the significance of this international event, and give a brief sketch of the book on which it is based. The Routledge handbook, to which they have contributed a chapter, and of which Bernadette is one of the two editors, features 68 contributors from a wide variety of professions and the arts, who write about the role of spirituality in their respective disciplines. Architecture, business, economics, healthcare, education, the food industry and tourism all feature, as well as chapters on spirituality in film, music, literature and poetry. Many of those who have written for the book will deliver papers at the conference.

Radio Interviews with Michael O’Sullivan

Spiritual Capital by Dr. Michael O’Sullivan SJ – YouTube

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A Jesuit with the People

  • See: YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0BB3D6oB3Q) and Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/260957801): ‘A Jesuit with the People’ (March 2018) – a documentary film (54 mins) about the Director of SpIRE, Michael O’Sullivan, SJ, during his years as a missionary in Chile under the Pinochet military dictatorship.
  • Michael launches Noel Keating’s book on Meditation with Children (December 2017): https://www.jesuit.ie/news/childrens-meditation-silent-revolution/
  • Michael chairs a panel session at the American Academy of Religion in Denver 2018
  • “Michael’s experience of living in Chile under Pinochet also made him the ideal man to interview about Pope Francis’s Latin American background. He was interviewed by BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4 television news, as well as for radio news on BBC Radio Ulster. See BBC article here ». Michael also featured on a discussion panel on TV3 and was interviewed by the New York Times” (Jesuit.ie)..
  • Launch of SpIRE (2016): https://www.jesuit.ie/news/new-spirituality-institute-for-research-and-education-launched/
  • https://www.jesuit.ie/news/spire-launched-dublin/
  • SpIRE goes from Strength to Strength (2016) – https://www.jesuit.ie/news/20570/
  • Michael on Pope Francis at a colloquium in St Andrews University, Scotalnd, April 2014 / https://www.jesuit.ie/news/pray-with-the-pigs/
  • mos 01
  • In a wide ranging interview for Irish Jesuit Podcasts and local radio, Michael O’Sullivan SJ contextualises the words and deeds of Pope Francis – Jesuit.ie
  • Archbishop Oscar Romero’s beatification (2015) – CatholicIreland.net
  • Celebrating the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero (2015) – Jesuit.ie
  • https://www.jesuit.ie/news/jesuit-tribute-to-slain-archbishop-2/ Jesuit.ie
  • They will never silence us – Jesuit.ie

    Irish links with San Salvador (read more)

  • Michael O’Sullivan SJ, who teaches spirituality in the Milltown Institute, gave a paper in Chicago, USA (in 2008), on ’Teaching Spirituality Well’ to the International Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, and accepted the job of organizing and running the opening day of next year’s meeting of the Society in Montreal. While in Chicago Michael met Gustavo Gutierrez, the founder of liberation theology, who at the age of 80 gave an inspiring and energetic address on ’40 Years after Medellín’. See full report below.
  • Michael O’Sullivan’s roles as a member of the Governing Board of the International Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality and of the Steering Committee of the Christian Spirituality Study Group of the American Academy of Religion took him to Chicago recently. He, the other members of the Governing Board, and a number of past Presidents of the Society, gave papers on ‘Teaching Spirituality Well’ during the first day of the annual proceedings. Michael was later entrusted with some new responsibilities by the Governing Board that include organizing and running the opening day of next year’s meeting of the Society in Montreal.
  • He was in Chicago until Nov 4th, when people went to the polls. While there he had lunch with Prof Mary Frohlich, RSCJ, the outgoing President of the Society, at her community’s residence. Barack Obama’s home was nearby. Michael had lunch at the same table that Barack Obama had breakfast some years ago when he was a community activist. Michael also had the privilege, while in Chicago, of meeting and chatting with Gustavo Gutierrez, the founder of liberation theology, and whose theology of the option for the poor he had written about for his licentiate thesis in Toronto in 1986. Gutierrez, who is now 80 years of age, gave an inspiring and energetic address on ’40 Years after Medellín’ at one of the sessions of the American Academy of Religion. The second general conference of the Latin American Catholic Bishops at Medellín in 1968 was the main ecclesial event responsible for proclaiming that an option for the economically poor was required by Christian faith.
  • Michael on the international Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality conference inSouth Africa in May 2015 – Jesuit.ie
  • mos_01Michael O’Sullivan SJ delivered one of the papers at the second European Conference on the Academic Study of Spirituality, which took place in July 2009 in London. His paper – “Gender, Narrative and Authentic Spirituality” – was centred on a case study concerning a 12-year-old victim of incest by a 15-year-old brother. Michael teased out the consequences of such a trauma in an ostensibly religious family: the loss of trust, the intrusive image of a punitive God, the huge obstacles to attaining authenticity after such childhood abuse. Responders welcomed the framework offered by Michael for viewing such violence in the context of spirituality.

    Delegates from around Europe, as well as from India, the US, Australia, and South Africa attended the conference. Papers were also given by Professor Bernard McGinn, David Lonsdale, Professor Mary Grey, and Professor Bernadette Flanagan.


  • “Michael O’Sullivan SJ was the invited Irish delegate at the British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS),  launched in London on 29 January 2010. The creation of BASS is the latest initiative in a growing worldwide trend concerning spirituality as a new academic discipline. Its inaugural conference in May will explore the relevance of spirituality for the socio-economic, political and cultural challenges in contemporary society.
  • Michael O’Sullivan SJ, a serving member on the Governing Board of the International Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, will deliver a paper on spirituality and social justice. A version of his paper, ‘Authentic Spirituality and a Journey with Incest’, delivered at the second European conference on the academic study of Christian spirituality in London last July, will be published by Continuum this summer.”  In 2017 Michael was elected to the Board of Directors of BASS and also became a trustee of BASS,
  • Mental Health, Practical Theology, and Spirituality Conference at All Hallows College 2010 – IrishTimes
  • Fear and loving in Chile (2006) – Jesuit.ie In this interview for 3R Productions with Pat Coyle on June 20, 2006 Michael O’Sullivan looks back over his days as a Jesuit priest in Pinochet’s Chile and expresses his delight at the then recent election of Michelle Bachelet to the Chilean presidency.
    Ms Bachelet was the first woman President of Chile. She served as President from 2006-10, and she was also subsequently re-elected President of Chile in 2014.